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Get noticed in a competitive job market with WinTheView’s robust suite of career management tools. WinTheView helps job candidates make a lasting impression on hiring teams and recruiters, guiding them to create stunning, professional-quality deliverables to communicate their value and fit for each role. Craft your personal branding statement, develop your accomplishment stories, then pull it all together in your online career portfolio. Finally, prepare for job interviews with confidence with a unique, customized interview presentation document.

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Accomplishment Stories

Articulate how you will benefit the company by clearly communicating your measurable achievements

Personal Branding Statements

Script your networking video, record and publish to your online portfolio


A convenient, secure place to store your career documents

Career Portfolio

Build a powerful web page for networking or to compete for a specific career opportunity

Interview Presentation

A great way to prepare and present yourself to nail the interview or use as a powerful “leave behind”

Who is WinTheView for?


WinTheView is a comprehensive suite of career management tools to allow you to develop your personal brand and tell your story in a way that leaves a lasting impression on hiring managers and recruiters. Craft a highly customizable digital career portfolio, record video accomplishment stories, and build interview presentation documents to guide discussion during job interviews.


Career Advisors & Outplacement

WinTheView partners with Advisors and professionals in the Career Industry, providing an innovative career management tool as a value-added service or DIY application for your clients. Changing the game in their job search and providing you an additional revenue stream for resume writing or career consulting or coaching.

Career Advisors & Outplacement

Higher Education

Maximize your Career Center’s effectiveness by integrating WinTheView into your support of students and alumni in their goal of career success.

Higher Education

Recruiting Firms

With WinTheView, your candidates gain a competitive advantage over other applicants and you’ll increase your chances of making a placement. They’ll stand out and leave a lasting impression with our user-friendly online platform for creating high-quality career marketing deliverables.

Recruiting Firms

Hiring Companies

Companies looking for new talent can leverage WinTheView’s career management tools, aiding the process of hiring new employees or letting current ones go. Find your best-fit candidates faster and cheaper than traditional methods.

Hiring Companies

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Gain access to volume discounts, resell WinTheView to your clients and customers, and even add your own branding and colors with our white label options!

Career Advisors & Outplacement
Higher Education
Recruiting Firms
Hiring Companies

Here’s how WinTheView got Vivian hired

“I want to inform you that the WinTheView Presentation was a great success. It was easy to complete and the Library tools gave me different options to choose from. I had two interviews on Wednesday and they were both impressed and awed at how professional, well prepared, and organized the presentation was. It was easy for them to view and they were extremely impressed with my Match with the Position Requirements, Additional Areas of Expertise, Outstanding Accomplishments, Personal Success Attributes, and my favorite – Why Hire me and the Closing Questions.

I even received a call today for a job offer from one of the companies I interviewed with on Wednesday which is a full-service Practice Management and Billing Company. I have another interview today in the afternoon with a Spanish Organization from Spain as an Executive Assistant and I even did the presentation in both languages (English/Spanish). This will determine my future within the company. Thank you for the opportunity to use this great tool I would recommend the WinTheView job search strategy to anyone who wants to land a position.”

Vivian R. Practice Management and Billing Professional

  • Jo L
    This unique and innovative product is a clear differentiator for my young adult clients. It's easy to use and serves as a great coaching tool. The support that comes from WinTheView is outstanding and it's really reasonably priced. I love it!
    Jo L
    Chief College & Career Coach
  • Andrew F
    WinTheView gave me the competitive advantage that I needed to advance my career and transition into a new and challenging role. By moving through the WinTheView process, I was able to gain a better understanding of not only what the employer was looking for and how I met those needs, but most importantly how to better communicate this information during the interview.
    Andrew F
    Food Service Industry Account Manager