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You’ve accomplished a lot in your career, exceeding expectations to ensure success for an important project, going above and beyond to delight a client, finding an effective solution to a problem no one else could solve… Each success you’ve had is a story waiting to be shared with recruiters, prospective employers, and career networking contacts.

To help you tell those stories effectively, WinTheView provides intuitive functionality, step-by-step instruction, and helpful tips to guide you through the creation and delivery of compelling success stories that communicate the value you bring. You’ll utilize the STAR strategy to articulate the details of each achievement and present your accomplishments in an attractively formatted PDF or high-impact video.

With many companies now opting to conduct remote interviews by video, this is a proactive way to prepare for your interview and show initiative.


  • Provides an effective practice tool to perfect your delivery and bolster your confidence for an in-person or video interview.
  • Enables you to develop multiple stories to demonstrate a wide range of skills and strengths in diverse roles across different companies, industries, and business environments.
  • Guides you through the highly effective STAR format to define challenges, actions, and results while highlighting relevant strengths and skills.
  • Offers helpful guidance every step of the way to help you create an authentic and memorable presentation and optimize your video story.

Strategies for Success:

  • Impress the hiring team by showcasing your accomplishment stories in an attractive PDF or video – and don’t forget to include them in your online career portfolio.
  • Include stories that relate directly to the performance objectives for the specific role you are pursuing, as well as highlighting your most impressive career highlights. Make it easy for the hiring team to see your fit by proactively communicating your creativity and results.
  • Accomplishment Stories are an integral part of your Interview Presentation. As a teaser, include just the headlines for each story in your written presentation, then commit the details to memory and practice delivering them on video.
  • Sharing a quick accomplishment story is a great way to answer one of the most common networking questions: “So what do you do?” After introducing yourself in your “elevator pitch,” follow up with a brief account of a major accomplishment to demonstrate the value you bring to your current employer.

Thousands of candidates have achieved success using this approach across multiple industries and diverse positions from entry-level to C-suite. Here’s what some of them are saying:

  • Jeff G
    Ken’s WinTheView was a great help during my interviews and definitely assisted in getting a great job. Ken & I spoke at length about my career aspirations and the best way to find a new job that fit my skills and experience. He pointed me to which creates documents to refer to during interviews. I filled in the step by step forms giving success stories and a PDF was created at the end. I printed 2 copies and took both to my interview. I referred to it during the interview and left one copy behind. I do believe it helped in getting an offer, and I recommend it to anyone looking for employment.
    Jeff G
    Programmer / Database specialist
  • Michelle D
    Recently I used WintheView solution which helped “seal the deal” with my interview process and subsequent hiring. The executive team that conducted the interviews were impressed with the organization of my material and the follow up presentation, which recapped our discussion, goals for the position, 30-60-90 day action plan and my qualifications. They called it “creative, inventive, persuasive and attention grabbing”, all the right words you want to hear as a candidate in a job search. The outcome was worth the effort for gathering my thoughts, creating my success stories and organizing me for the phone interviews and face-to-face meetings. I would recommend this approach for anyone serious about expanding their opportunities and winning against the competition.
    Michelle D
    Regional Vice President, Strategic Life Sciences
  • Jon T
    I used WinTheView recently and was very pleased with it.  It helped me to better understand the position I was applying for and what the hiring manager wanted in a candidate.  It systematically led me through the interview process in an organized fashion, preventing me from making mistakes or overlooking important points.  Most of all it prepared me for interviews by helping me to think thoroughly through the relationship between my experience and the needs of the new position.  It also inspired confidence that I think shined through in the interview process.  Oh, and let's not forget results!   I received a great offer from a great company in an extremely competitive market.  WinTheView definitely helped
    Jon T
    Senior Project Manager / Pharmaceutical Operations

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