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Career Management Professionals & Outplacement Companies

Strengthen your bottom-line while bolstering job search success for your clients. WinTheView partners with professionals in the career services industry, providing innovative, game-changing career management tools as a value-added service or a do-it-yourself application for clients, as well as adding another revenue stream to your resume writing or career coaching/consulting practice.

Higher Education

Maximize the effectiveness of your college career center. When you integrate WinTheView into your program, you can offer cutting-edge tools and customized deliverables – including online career portfolios, interview preparation and presentation tools, and much more! – to help your students and alumni get hired faster.

Recruiting Firms

Give your candidates a competitive advantage over other applicants and increase your chances of making a placement. Your candidates will stand out and leave a lasting impression with our user-friendly online platform for creating high-quality career marketing deliverables.

Hiring Companies

Leverage WinTheView’s career management tools to find best-fit candidates faster and cheaper than traditional methods. You can also use it to provide an affordable and effective outplacement option for employees you need to let go.

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