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In today’s competitive job market, candidates must find a way to stand out in a sea of applicants. Creating a career portfolio helps you differentiate yourself, make a lasting impression, and clearly illustrate how your experience and accomplishments meet the requirements for specific career opportunities. WinTheView makes it easy to create a highly customized online career portfolio that highlights your skills and strengths, accomplishment stories, work samples, and testimonials, as well as a value statement tailored specifically to each position you pursue. Taking the initiative to create an impressive online portfolio demonstrates your unique professionalism, motivation, and drive to succeed.


  • Enjoy a professional digital presence that offers much greater value, impact, and customization than a traditional resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • Create and save multiple portfolios – each with a unique URL – for different purposes, including networking and competing for a variety of career opportunities.
  • Select from several attractive portfolio design templates to choose from, as well as image and content libraries to personalize your document.
  • Intuitive teleprompter technology helps you practice and perfect delivery of your accomplishment stories and positioning statements – and capture them on video.

Strategies for Success:

  • Include your career portfolio URL at the top of your resume and in cover letters to bolster your chances of moving forward in the candidate selection process. Customize your accomplishment stories to align directly with the hiring and performance criteria for each specific career opportunity.
  • Share your custom URL on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – and other social media platforms – leveraging your personal contacts to support your networking activities.
  • Showcase your portfolio link strategically on your LinkedIn profile to provide insight into your personal character and qualifications.
  • Lisa N
    I was offered the position.  This is the FIRST and only time I've used WinTheView, and I'm positive it was a huge factor in presenting my case for getting the job.  My only regret is that I didn't have it before now!
    Lisa N
    Executive Director

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