As a professional in the careers industry, you work hard to enable success for your clients and for your business. WinTheView’s unique career management tools help you do both.

WinTheView is a user-friendly application that helps career candidates showcase their skills and accomplishments, stand out in the competitive job market, and receive more offers for relevant opportunities. Offering this innovative solution to your clients – as a value-added service or as a DIY application – creates an additional manageable revenue stream for your resume writing business or career consulting/coaching practice.

The WinTheView difference is in the high-quality marketing deliverables, including customizable digital career portfolios, video accomplishment stories, and interview presentation documents to guide your clients during job interviews.

Benefits For Your Clients
  • Powerful personal branding to differentiate themselves, using highly relevant, accomplishment-oriented content.
  • High level of preparation for job interviews to build confidence and speak directly to the specific requirements of each opportunity.
  • Better career development and job search results
Benefits For Your Organization
  • Increasing your sales, profits, and ROI without the extra time and effort of building a new service from scratch.
  • Enabling savvy clients to develop career marketing materials on their own to augment a professionally written resume and cover letter – or monetizing your value-added engagement by guiding clients through the process.

WinTheView offers special pricing for career consultants with bundled or monthly pricing based on anticipated usage. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your practice, partnering with WinTheView is a win-win for your clients and your bottom line.

Features and Deliverables

Tips and best practices are included throughout the system. All files, including videos, are saved and fully accessible during subscription.

interview presentation


  • Step-by-step interview presentation builder that matches skills and successes to key hiring and performance requirements outlined in employer job descriptions.
  • Encourages extensive interview preparation, building confidence, and showing prospective employers that candidates are uniquely motivated to succeed.
  • Action plans with 90-day and one-year milestones help to lay the groundwork for success in the candidate’s new role.
  • PDF for candidates to email or print and share during the interview to leave an indelible impression on the hiring team.
accomplisment storied


  • STAR-based format to guide candidates in crafting success stories.
  • Document library for saving PDFs and recorded videos.
  • Candidates may select stories to be included in their online portfolio.
  • Selected stories are intentionally placed into the candidates’ portfolio to catch the eye of hiring managers and recruiters.
personal brand state


  • Candidates can record video pitches and personal branding statements to align with different career opportunities
  • Candidates may select an introduction statement or pitch to be showcased on their online portfolio.


  • STAR-based success stories clearly communicate capabilities.
  • Our unique video integration tools turn introductions into powerful first impressions.
  • Customized URLs include documents and videos supporting the candidate’s career successes and key attributes.
  • URLs can be used in resumes, on social media profiles, and can be crafted for specific career opportunities.

WinTheView offers special pricing for career consultants with bundled or monthly pricing based on anticipated usage. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your practice, partnering with WinTheView is a win-win for your clients and your bottom line.

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+ $125 training & setup

  • 5% off paid annually
  • 5 licenses/mo
  • Additional licenses available a la carte: $40/ea



+ $175 training & setup

  • 10% off paid annually
  • 15 licenses/mo
  • Additional licenses available a la carte: $30/ea



+ $195 training & setup

  • 15% off paid annually
  • 25 licenses/mo
  • Additional licenses available a la carte: $25/ea



+ $225 training & setup

  • 15% off paid annually
  • 40 licenses/mo
  • Additional licenses available a la carte: $20/ea

Enterprise Level

Custom plans tailored to the needs of your business.

Want to learn more? Call 215-948-3722 or email kjdiamond@wintheview.com for more information!

All Plans Include:
  • Online career portfolios with multiple design options
  • An image library to select from for a professional look
  • Accomplishment story builder with video teleprompter
  • Elevator pitch builder with video teleprompter
  • Interview Value Presentation builder
  • Multiple presentation layouts to select from
  • All user content is retained for use when in subscription
  • Multiple help and best practices throughout the system
  • Ability to store resume documents securely for easy retrieval
  • Each license offers 3 months of access
  • Month-to-month rollover included

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Where WinTheView has helped users land jobs

  • Michael C
    During my career, I have had the occasion to interview many candidates for positions ranging from entry-level sales to senior-level executive positions. What I have found is that the vast majority struggle when it comes to presenting their abilities in a concise and meaningful manner. They come prepared to simply answer the questions the interviewer poses and let their Resume be the key document to convey their abilities and professional history. Most rare of all is the candidate that can acutely connect their abilities and experience to the key success factors of the opportunity. What Ken Diamond has accomplished with WinTheView is to provide a step-by-step methodology that gives candidates the ability to clearly articulate their skills and develop a personal value proposition for themselves that is closely aligned with the primary success factors of the job. For the hiring manager, WinTheView provides an interviewing process that challenges the candidate and provides a consistent method of evaluating prospective employees. I highly recommend WinTheView to any company looking to build an “A” team of professionals or any prospective employee looking to stand out from the crowd.
    Michael C
    WinTheView service user
    Vice President & General Manager - Americas | Highcon Ltd
  • Jo L
    This unique and innovative product is a clear differentiator for my young adult clients. It's easy to use and serves as a great coaching tool. The support that comes from WinTheView is outstanding and it's really reasonably priced. I love it!
    Jo L
    Chief College & Career Coach
  • Gayle H
    The difference between a good product and a great product can be the support you receive from the people that stand behind it. WinTheView is a great product, not just due to the difference it can make to candidates at interviews, but for the quality and scope of the support that is offered by its owner and greatest champion, Ken Diamond. Ken is an evangelist for the WinTheView tool. He markets it zealously, protects the brand by ensuring optimum quality is sustained, and jumps immediately to the aid of the people who use it---answering questions, providing suggestions, and spending any amount of time to promote understanding. Ken is WinTheView's greatest advocate and through that, devotes substantial time to ensure users of the tool and affiliates who onsell the product receive his undivided attention and support. Ken Diamond is what makes WinTheView outstanding
    Gayle H
    WinTheView client
    Multi-award-winning Master Resume Writer. Creating powerhouse resumes and LinkedIn profiles for executives and leaders.