You’ve identified an exceptional candidate for a high-level opening with a key client. Before you set up that first interview, make sure your candidate is prepared to shine by equipping them with WinTheView’s unique career management tools.

A robust yet user-friendly online platform, WinTheView helps candidates showcase their skills, strengths, and accomplishments to make a lasting impression on the hiring team and increase your chances of making a placement.

Through the creation of high-quality career marketing deliverables – including customizable digital portfolios, video accomplishment stories, and interview presentation documents to guide discussion during job interviews – you can give your candidates a competitive edge over other applicants. Candidates select from professional-grade templates and follow the step-by-step instructions to add their information with help from WinTheView’s thoughtfully curated image and content libraries, as well as value-added tips and best practices guiding them every step of the way.

Benefits For Your Organization
  • Increasing your billings, profits, and commissions.
  • Enhancing your productivity by enabling candidates to prepare independently 24/7 for interviews on a convenient virtual platform.
  • Leveraging video technology to assess candidates’ communication skills, accomplishments, and motivation for each opportunity.
  • Reinforcing a positive, leading-edge brand for your search firm while building a reputation for producing better-prepared candidates for hiring companies.
  • Bolstering your candidates’ confidence at every step of the WinTheView process.
Benefits For Your Clients
  • Powerful branding
  • High level of preparation
  • Highly-relevant content
  • Accomplishment oriented
  • Confidence
  • Differentiation
  • Motivation
  • Better results

Features and Deliverables

Tips and best practices are included throughout the system. All files, including videos, are saved and fully accessible during subscription.

interview presentation


  • Step-by-step interview presentation builder that matches skills and successes to key hiring and performance requirements outlined in employer job descriptions.
  • Action plans to lay the groundwork for success in their new role.
  • Summary of key accomplishments with metrics and skills leveraged.
  • Downloadable PDF file that can be emailed or printed and shared during the interview to leave an indelible impression on the hiring team.
accomplisment storied


  • STAR-based format to craft success stories.
  • Candidates may select stories to be included in their online portfolio.
  • Selected stories are intentionally placed into the candidates’ portfolio to catch the eye of hiring managers and recruiters.
personal brand state


  •  Candidates have the ability to record video pitches and personal branding statements.
  • Candidates may select an introduction statement or pitch to be showcased on their online portfolio.


  • Customized URLs include documents and videos supporting the candidates career successes and key attributes.
  • URLs can be used in resumes, on social media profiles, and crafted for specific career opportunities.
  • Our unique video integration tools turn introductions into powerful first impressions.
  • STAR-based success stories clearly communicate capabilities.
  • Candidates proactively address career progression and motivation for a specific opportunity.

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+ $125 training & setup

  • 5% off paid annually
  • 5 licenses/mo
  • Additional licenses available a la carte: $40/ea



+ $175 training & setup

  • 10% off paid annually
  • 15 licenses/mo
  • Additional licenses available a la carte: $30/ea



+ $195 training & setup

  • 15% off paid annually
  • 25 licenses/mo
  • Additional licenses available a la carte: $25/ea



+ $225 training & setup

  • 15% off paid annually
  • 40 licenses/mo
  • Additional licenses available a la carte: $20/ea

Enterprise Level

Custom plans tailored to the needs of your business.

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All Plans Include:
  • Online career portfolios with multiple design options
  • An image library to select from for a professional look
  • Accomplishment story builder with video teleprompter
  • Elevator pitch builder with video teleprompter
  • Interview Value Presentation builder
  • Multiple presentation layouts to select from
  • All user content is retained for use when in subscription
  • Multiple help and best practices throughout the system
  • Ability to store resume documents securely for easy retrieval
  • Each license offers 3 months of access
  • Month-to-month rollover included

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