Who is WinTheView right for?

Any candidate wishing to stand out and be chosen—for any position, in any industry.

The dedicated staff at your college career center works hard to support students and alumni in their pursuit of career success. They guide in identifying strengths, discovering opportunities, writing resumes, interview preparation, and much more.

But if your center is like most, there aren’t enough hours in the day to meet the full range of needs that students and new grads have when they’re just starting out and trying to get their careers established. With WinTheView career management tools, you can maximize your effectiveness and provide support long after your student has left your office.

WinTheView provides customizable deliverables – including digital career portfolios, video-based accomplishment stories, and printable interview presentation documents that can be used as a discussion guide during interviews.

Features and Deliverables

Tips and best practices are included throughout the system. All files, including videos, are saved and fully accessible during subscription.

interview presentation


  • Step-by-step interview presentation builder that matches skills and successes to key hiring and performance requirements outlined in employer job descriptions.
  • Action plans to lay the groundwork for success in their new role.
  • Summary of key accomplishments with metrics and skills leveraged.
  • Downloadable PDF file that can be emailed or printed and shared during the interview to leave an indelible impression on the hiring team.
accomplisment storied


  • STAR-based format to craft success stories.
  • Candidates may select stories to be included in their online portfolio.
  • Selected stories are intentionally placed into the candidates’ portfolio to catch the eye of hiring managers and recruiters.
personal brand state


  •  Candidates have the ability to record video pitches and personal branding statements.
  • Candidates may select an introduction statement or pitch to be showcased on their online portfolio.


  • Customized URLs include documents and videos supporting the candidates career successes and key attributes.
  • URLs can be used in resumes, on social media profiles, and crafted for specific career opportunities.
  • Our unique video integration tools turn introductions into powerful first impressions.
  • STAR-based success stories clearly communicate capabilities.
  • Candidates proactively address career progression and motivation for a specific opportunity.
Benefits For Your Organization
  • Virtual tools provide high-impact marketing deliverables to help candidates stand out.
  • Tools are state of the art and include video-based tools for the new virtual environment.
  • Enables candidates to build a powerful online portfolio that can be updated and utilized throughout their careers.
  • Enables schools to differentiate career service offerings with unique technology tools.
  • Positions your career center as leading edge and technologically advanced to reinforce reputation and brand.
  • Excellent tools for graduating students, MBA programs and Alumni.
  • Bolsters candidate confidence at every step of the WTV™ process.
Benefits For Your Students
  • Powerful branding
  • High level of preparation
  • Highly-relevant content
  • Accomplishment oriented
  • Confidence
  • Differentiation
  • Motivation
  • Better results
All Plans Include:
  • Online career portfolios with multiple design options
  • An image library to select from for a professional look
  • Accomplishment story builder with video teleprompter
  • Elevator pitch builder with video teleprompter
  • Interview Value Presentation builder
  • Multiple presentation layouts to select from
  • All user content is retained for use when in subscription
  • Multiple help and best practices throughout the system
  • Ability to store resume documents securely for easy retrieval
  • Each license offers 3 months of access
  • Month-to-month rollover included

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