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The Interview Presentation Builder is WinTheView’s unique flagship offering, providing an innovative, leading-edge platform that guides candidates through the process of crafting customized presentation documents to communicate their skills, strengths, and accomplishments to prospective employers during a video or in-person interview. Guided by expert tips and best practices, as well as thoughtfully curated professional image and content libraries, candidates gain confidence as they work through each step of the process. The resulting PDF serves as an exceptional preparation tool, a detailed interview discussion guide, and a high-quality, personally branded document to leave behind with decision-makers.


  • Job seekers get a competitive edge against other applicants, differentiating themselves by demonstrating a higher level of preparation, confidence, and professionalism.
  • Highly customizable presentations with tools for adding personalized images and company logos for each specific career opportunity.
  • Drives a better understanding of key hiring criteria and aligns candidate talking points directly with criteria.
  • Makes a lasting impression with hiring managers and other decision-makers.

Strategies for Success:

  • Build confidence and preparedness to deliver a strong interview performance simply by working through the process and using the interview presentation document to practice your key discussion points.
  • Share your digital presentation to guide discussion during a virtual interview or present to the hiring team at an in-person meeting. Hiring managers are typically impressed by such a proactive approach and commitment to being prepared.
  • Email your presentation immediately after each phone screening interview to increase your chances of advancing to the next hiring phase or send it right before a face-to-face interview to facilitate discussion and demonstrate a proactive mindset.

Thousands of candidates have achieved success using this approach across multiple industries and diverse positions from entry-level to C-suite. Here’s what some of them are saying:

  • Jim S
    Branding yourself is not an easy thing to do. It takes a significant amount of work, honest reflection, drafts and rewrites, and the courage to tell your unique success story. The path I took to hone my career story and ultimately, my brand came from a presentation I created with the inspiration of Ken Diamond, Digital Action, and This presentation enabled me to:
    • Clearly and concisely reflect my successes and achievements
    • Encapsulate my experiences and skill-set efficiently
    • Provide examples of work I’ve done and my approach to leadership was key to finding my dream job.
    Take the time to review your successes, experiences, and work product. Put your genuine success story into 7 to 10 slides using the concepts in and the job market will turn in your favor.
    Jim S
    Senior Director in Healthcare
  • Jack Z
    The WinTheView presentation I created impressed the hiring manager and the other influencers. The presentation *became* the interview. They could see exactly what I could do for them and how I fit. It really set me apart from the competition.The WinTheView presentation I created impressed the hiring manager and the other influencers. The presentation *became* the interview. They could see exactly what I could do for them and how I fit. It really set me apart from the competition.
    Jack Z
    Communications Executive
  • Andrew F
    WinTheView gave me the competitive advantage that I needed to advance my career and transition into a new and challenging role. By moving through the WinTheView process, I was able to gain a better understanding of not only what the employer was looking for and how I met those needs, but most importantly how to better communicate this information during the interview. By creating a well thought out and professional presentation, I felt more confident in presenting myself and my abilities. By organizing my key attributes and key success factors, I was able to overcome previous interview hurdles, clearly exemplify my candidacy, and most importantly, I secured the position.
    Andrew F
    Northeast Regional Sales Manager
  • Brendon N
    For each interview I went on, each organization was extremely impressed with the idea of a presentation to the company of how I match up with the requirements of the position. On my last interview, the interviewer said out of the hundreds of people he has ever interviewed over the years, "I was a breath of fresh air and the most prepared he had ever seen." I got an offer letter shortly after, I will be starting my position shortly as a Project Manager in the Print Services Division. I attribute this in part, to the Win-the-view Presentation.
    Brendon N
    Project Manager, Print Communications

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